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Welcome! You are at the right place for targeted marketing communication and content that fits the needs of your small or mid-sized business or start-up. I’ll work with you to give your website or presentation the voice and pitch it requires.

In a career in knowledge work spanning three decades, I have found that clarity, brevity, error-free presentation and impactful delivery are the four cornerstones of written communication. The rest is in the hands of marketing personnel, competent graphics designers, and especially in that of SEO experts, where website content exposure is concerned. So, I enjoy working with them to create meaningful content.

I write regularly for company blogs, articles, webpage content, newsletters, magazines, and other print and web media. I also love developing copy for marketing presentations including powerpoints, PR releases and business communications. You can check the archive section of this site to see some of my works published early in my career in different print publications. I like adapting to different styles of delivery, and you’ll find what you are seeking in the work I do for you.